A city trip to Istanbul leads into a long and rich past, but was the city that connects Europe and Asia, capital of three empires: the Roman Empire (Byzantium); of the Byzantine Empire 
( Constantinople ) and the Ottoman Empire (Istanbul). As the only city on our planet it is on two continents.
From the urban landscape today, especially the Ottoman period is well-established. The city's skyline is determined by domes and minarets. Addition, however, is also the inconsistency of Istanbul. Prevails in the Fatih district, a traditional oriental life, show the modern shopping malls rather the image of a western city.
Istanbul has numerous, very interesting sights. The difficulty for tourists is that you can not see everywhere in a few days. Therefore you should make a choice and the time to take his preferences! The most famous attractions are undoubtedly the Hagia Sophia, the most emblematic monument in Istanbul, the Sultanahmet Mosque or Blue Mosque and the Sublime Porte and the Topkapi Palace as an expression of the Ottoman Empire. Numerous museums such as the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art and the Topkapi Palace Museum offer a vivid insight into the history and culture of the city. Those who want a quieter and less crowded, should by the "most pious" district of Istanbul, the Eyup district, or by the cosmopolitan district Galata stroll. Featured secrets are also the Chora monastery in Chora district with its precious mosaics.  The Basilica Cistern (Yerebatan Sarayi) in the vicinity of the Sultan Ahmed Park, a huge cistern from the 6th century , the Beylerbeyi Palace (the "Asian pillar" the Bosphorus Bridge was built in 1973, in which the sultans lived in the late 19th century.
On the Bosphorus, the economy is booming, here is a brisk trade. Istanbul is therefore also a shopping destination, where you can buy very good traditional arts and crafts. Among the most popular shopping centers are Kapali Carsi, one located in the old town maze of shopping streets and the oriental bazaars. In addition to the Grand Bazaar, the Spice Bazaar smaller than Grand Bazaar, also called Egyptian Bazaar, recommended for a shopping trip very much. The other modern malls to be visited would be Forum Istanbul, Grand Cevahir, Historia, Istinye Park, Kanyon, Marmara Park, Galleria, Olivium are the popular malls for your shopping.
You may visit Istanbul all year round.
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